Really, Sears?

Date Wed, December 17 2014

It’s like you don’t even want me money.

Let me back up, dear reader and fellow shopper, to explain the whole story.

While I live a whole four blocks from Sears, I like to shop online. I can use coupons and Ebates for cash back.  I can order from Kmart, too, which is nice since we no longer have one hear. I can have things shipped to the store sometimes, or directly to home.

Last week, I wanted to place an order. I added a pair of boots, some sweaters and a Christmas gift for my second cousin to my cart. I entered payment information. I checked out. I saw the order confirmation page.

And I waited for an email. I waited minutes. Then hours. I received notification from Ebates in the mean time, but I got no email from Sears. Assuming that it had gotten lost in my junk mail, I logged in to my account the next day to verify. It was not there.

So I contacted tech support, who told me that my order never went through and could I please place it again? I hunted down all the items and added them to my cart. Truth be told, I added more items because I found even better coupons, so I wasn’t too worried.

But when I went to make that purchase, I couldn’t. It wouldn’t accept my debit card. Upon the stupid PULSE thing popping up to enter my PIN, which is annoying to begin with, it would refresh with one of several errors. Finally, I tried to pay via PayPal, but you can’t. Like, clicking the option to pay this way simply refreshed my cart and made the PayPal option disappear entirely.

I switched browsers only to have it happen in Firefox, too, so it was another customer service chat for me. They told me clear my cache, which I did knowing full well it wouldn’t help because it was happening in both browsers. I showed them the generic and oh-so-helpful errors. They offered to place an order for me, but said they couldn’t use coupons, so I passed.

The conversation ended with them telling me they’d pass the word along and the website would be fixed within 24 hours. The agent asked if there was anything more they could help me with, and I laughed bitterly. He/she hadn’t helped me to begin with!

I wound up clearing out all my credit cards and entering the same card again, which finally let me check out. I don’t know what the problem was or why this worked.

Fortunately, shipping is much better. UPS delivered three packages, containing four of the six items I ordered, last night. I’ll have the other two by tomorrow afternoon.

Someone who was less determined than me would have given up, however. It appears that Sears is undergoing some website renovations. But did it occur to them that doing so the week before Christmas might be a terrible idea? Yea..

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