Rev Up

Date Thu, March 27 2014

I just talked about dream homes, and this post offers you a way to get closer to your dream home without breaking the bank. I know that one of the things I would want ultimate control over in my perfect home would be appliances. I would want new, energy efficient appliances that don’t make my electric bill jump sky high. I also want matching appliances, something that I’ve never had.

Whirlpool Outlet enables you to purchase new appliances at discounts from what you’ll find at big box stores for lower prices. There are freezers and dishwashers under $300, gas ranges, washing machines and dryers for less than $400 and you can get a brand-new refrigerator for less than $700.

More specifically, I want a shiny washer and dryer — high capacity — that are front loading so I can install a counter over the top of them.  Whirlpool offers “pedestal” drawers for extra storage beneath your washer or dryer, too.

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