Roundy’s Does Monopoly Again, Slightly More Worth It This Time

Date Fri, June 22 2012

Roundy’s stores, including Pick N Saves, Metro Market, Rainbow Foods and a handful or other midwestern markets are doing their Monopoly event again. As you shop, you earn tickets. Much like the McDonald’s version, you want to get all the “properties” to win prizes ranging from groceries vouchers, to cash, to iPods to vehicles and houses. Also like the Monopoly game, you can instantly win a few items. With every ticket, you get four playing pieces and one coupon.

Last time around, I gave up after a few weeks. It’s a lot of work–and time consuming!–to rip off all the tickets. After about a week, you maybe get one new piece every time you come home from the shop. I’m not sure if they’re releasing new tickets every week or if some are just pretty rare, obviously, but I never won any of the prizes. I wound up with dozens of 25cent off coupons, which are virtually useless. Roundy’s lets you double coupons every Saturday, up to $1, but none of the coupons were for anything I ever wanted or purchased, so there wasn’t a whole lot of reward.

This time around, the stakes are a little better. Roundy’s is including some larger coupons, for $.50 or $1, and there are more instant win options. I’ve opened up the tickets to find more “2 Free Tickets” coupons and I even won a free pizza. It wasn’t the best pizza in the world, but it makes me want to stick it out with this game just a little bit longer. The coupons are for different grocery items, too. I found one for Pepsi products, which I could actually use.

I’m sure the novelty of a few larger coupons will wear off in time, but I’m slightly less annoyed with Roundy’s Monopoly game this Summer. Sure, it’s still a lot of work and I have no hope for any of the prizes or the sweepstakes, but I might get some decent coupons out of it, at least.

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  1. E & M July 18 2012 @ 9:24 pm

    You wil not believe this – we actually just received a call from Roundy’s Prize headquarters. We have sent in about 50 of the sweepstakes entry for the Carnival Cruise. WE WON! $5,000 value, with $1,000 cash to help with the expenses. We have explored the possibilities and will do 7 day southern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan.

  2. Cole July 18 2012 @ 9:41 pm


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