Save Big by Shopping Torrid Look Alike Styles

Date Fri, November 20 2015

Oh Torrid, how I love these. Cute tops. Pretty dresses. Badass jackets. All that Her Universe stuff. It’s pulling at my heartstrings.

Alas, your prices are so high. Now, some would argue never to pay full price. Believe me, I don’t! Even with a coupon, so many of your prices just aren’t going to cut it for a budget shopper.

I’m not just any shopper, though. I’m pretty Internet savvy. I’ll take what you have and find something just as awesome elsewhere, when I can, and for cheaper by far!

I don’t know if others are quite so savvy, however, so I’ve come up with some places where shoppers can find Torrid “copycat” styles for a fraction of Torrid’s prices!

Rue 21

Now, this store doesn’t have quite as many plus options available in store, but there’s an entire section online. Most items are available up to 3x for 50% or less than the price of similar items at Torrid!

torrid-look-alike-shopping-price-comparisonDeb Shops

I was definitely sad to hear Debs was going bankrupt and closing all stores. It happened in just a few weeks, too. I stocked up during the great sale, but the lack was definitely something I noticed. Since September, however, Deb is back online. At least, there’s a website. It still has a great plus size section, too. It looks like they’re adding more stock, but you can still save a lot of money when you buy from Debs rather than Torrid.


This is the shortest comparison on the list. I like Vanity, but they don’t have extended plus sizes. They do have tops up to 2x, though, so there’s a little overlap with Torrid. Vanity also tends to have a younger style overall.

However, Vanity is also a great place to get basics, especially tanks and tees for layering.


Plus, both stores carry a line of plus-sized active wear. Maurice’s is also one of the stores that carries shoes and boots. You’ll find most of their wide widths online, though.

Forever 21

With designs that are always on trend and budget-friendly prices, Forever 21 is a store I knew I had to add to this list. Forever 21, unfortunately, has a tiny plus size selection in their physical stores, but you’ll find thousands of items online! This includes active wear, sleepwear and wide width shoes!

You’ll notice I didn’t mention jeans in this post. Both Maurice’s and Vanity has their own line of jeans. I am partial to Vanity jeans myself and love shorts from Rue 21 (but am just a tad short for their jeans). I also didn’t want to list department stores, which means there’s even more options.

Plus, you can sometimes find overlap in items between Torrid and Hot Topic. Hot Topic will almost always be cheaper! Weird!

I don’t post this because I dislike Torrid, quite the contrary. I own a few Torrid tops, a couple leggings, a bra and a dress. There’s some great exclusive collections, too. But more often than not, the things they offer are pretty basic and can easily be found if you look hard enough.

None of these prices reflect current promotions or coupons from Torrid or any of the other stores. You can frequently find coupons in the range of 20% to 40% off from Torrid, and there’s always a coupon from Vanity. Check out these stores on DealSpotr, a great coupon site I just discovered and have had the fortune of being an ambassador for! Sign up here.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking affiliate links, I’ll earn a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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