Save Money On Back to School? MAKE Money with Back to School

Date Wed, September 10 2014

If you’re like most people, you might be feelin’ a little hurt in your wallet after back to school shopping. Fortunately, I am out of school and have no children but I can tell you that my mother has spent a lot of time shopping for my sister.. who is now in middle school — oh em gee!. And my sister doesn’t even need school books.

Textbooks for college students can cost an arm and a leg on top of clothes, electronics, rent and whatever else they may need.

But I have good news — two good news(es)? — for you college students out there who might still be scrambling to get your paws on textbooks.

1. You Can Rent Textbooks

I did it when I was still taking  classes. You rent them for a semester for a price much lower than buying new textbooks. Companies like will ship books straight to your door for a fraction of the price of your campus store. When you’re done with them, ship them right back — shipping’s free both ways. Convenient, right?

2. You Can Make Money with Your Old Books

If you still have a few books lying around, you can rent them out to other students so you’ll actually make money from textbooks. RentBack.c is a new site that allows you to do this with minimal effort from yourself. You may even recoup the money you spent in the first place. You can certainly make more money with RentBack than you would by simply selling your books back to the store.

Check out this video below to learn more:

Not everyone needs textbooks, though. What are the ways you save money when it’s time for back to school shopping?

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