Save Money, Find Rare Treasures and Support Goodwill with Online Auctions

Date Wed, April 18 2018

A while back I was introduced to Goodwill’s auction site, Basically, when stores take in items that can be sold for a bit more whether they be vintage, collector items or electronics, they’ll list them on the site. Goodwill auctions are full of unique jewelry, video games, and brand-name accessories. In fact, I saw a mint-condition Model T listed on the site.

You can start searching right away, but ShopGoodwill is best used when you have an account. You’ll need one to make any bids, of course, and having an account enables you to save searches or add queries to your personal shopper list (which emails you whenever a new item matching that query becomes available). Thus far, I’ve mostly been following video and board games. But if you’re into shoes, bags, fur, or even American Girl dolls, Goodwill’s auction site also has tons of options for you. Basically, anything you might find as a steal as a physical store might be listed on

It quickly became addicting as I tried to figure out what might be listed on the site. I spent a lot of time browsing vintage jewelry. Although it’s not apparent how accurate some of the descriptions are. I am not sure

The UI isn’t quite as nice as, say, eBay, but it’s certainly functional. You can set your max bid, for example. There’s no “Buy Now” sort of option, though. Not all of the photos are great, so you may need to take a leap of faith when it comes to things with multiple parts that might be missing or broken as I did with a vintage board game.

Each Goodwill stores acts as a vendor, so shipping prices vary. Keep that in mind when shopping. Furthermore, a few items are pickup only, specifically bikes. There’s also a lot of variability when it comes to product listings. Some are more helpful or accurate than others.

Because each store can list its own items, the money goes back to that store and help communities. There’s also the added benefit of saving money if charity isn’t enough for you. Results on ShopGoodwill don’t come up in search results, so it’s worth checking there if you’re looking for something used, unusual or otherwise hard-to-find.

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