Saving Face

Date Sun, April 22 2012

Yesterday I was in Walgreens, smelling all the pretty things and just wasting some time. In the cosmetics section, they always have promo photos of the models and other famous people who are the current face of a brand. As I was looking at one picture, I though “Hmm, Katy Perry sure is more photoshopped than ever.” Then I saw the person’s name and realized it wasn’t Katy but Zooey Deschanel, instead. Now, I do think these two ladies look alike, but the reason I made the mistake was because of the combination of the makeup and digital editing gave the photo a too-smooth and fake look that Zooey rarely has. In fact, even after knowing it was her, I kept looking at the picture, shocked that it was her.

I imagine that I am like most women when shopping for cosmetics. I want something that will smooth, balance, highlight and perfect but without stripping me of my natural identity. I’m not a drag queen nor am I some crazy cosplayer. I just want a little help, not a mask. To me, this sort of advertising gimmick does more harm than help for these brands. The women they use as the faces of their brands become even more removed from me and this type of promotional material doesn’t realistically help me decide of a certain cosmetic is right for me.

And isn’t the point of using a well-known model or actress as your spokesperson so that people can recognize them? How can you possibly be helping to sell more product if the consumers have no idea who they’re looking at? I have this thought every once in a while, when I spot advertising that makes this mistake. I don’t know how these ads, but I’m not the first to say “WTF?!” to Rimmel’s ads with Zooey. The one I saw is below, what do you think?

Zooey Deschanel for Rimmel

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  1. N. April 30 2012 @ 5:25 am

    Now that’s just alarming. I’ve been noticing this more and more as well. I don’t understand the point either. If models that smooth are needed companies could easily photoshop stock models to look like mannequins and not pay for celebrity endorsements.

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