Saving Gets Even Easier with RetailMeNot’s iOS App

Date Sat, June 23 2012
Retail Me Not app

Retail Me Not app

I love RetailMeNot. It’s always the first coupon website I visit, when I’m planning to do some online shopping, and it’s often the only website I visit. I like the interface. It’s clean, it’s easy to use. It just looks professional. So, you can imagine my excitement–and then disappointment–when I found out that RetailMeNot has an iPhone app.  Now, let my explain. I own an iPod Touch, but it’s not connected to any cell network, so while I can use the app, I can’t use it in store, and that’s a shame. I really hope that they make an Android app, and I’m imagine that the project is on the horizon.

In the mean time you, my friends with iPhones, can enjoy the full app. It’s neat, because it’s a little different than the website, which I only use for online shopping. Because the app is on your phone, you can take it to the store and find coupons to use in person. I know what I’d be doing is comparison in-store coupons with online deals, and trying to figure out which would net me the most savings, because you guys know that I like to sit at home and open up packages that come to my door, even if my mail lady hates it. LOL

The new RetailMeNot app is as well-designed as the website. Well-known stores are featured and easy for you to find. You can search for specific shops, too. The full website requires you to click or copy and paste to use a coupon code, but the app makes it easier when using a touchscreen phone. When shopping, the RetailMeNot app opens the Web store in a frame, and you can drag and drop the sometimes-complicated coupon codes into the text fields with ease. Plus, you can save those awesome coupons for later. I admit, as much as I use RetailMeNot, I don’t have an account. I’d definitely sign up for one to use with this app, however.

RetailMeNot Coupons app for iPhone from RetailMeNot on Vimeo.

Plus, just like the website, the app is absolutely free.

This post is written on behalf of RetailMeNot via One2One Network. All opinions are my own, and by posting, I am eligible for a prize drawing.

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