Saving Money with CVS

Date Fri, October 24 2014

I recently received an email from CVS telling me the saving over the past year. I always enjoy the little thing that rushes through my body when I print coupons from the kiosk and the cashier tells me how much I’ve saved at the end of the transaction. But seeing it stacked up over a year is pretty impressive!

Below is the screen cap.

Almost $100 savings at CVS!

Almost $100 savings at CVS!

Now, I don’t even know if CVS has been open a year. I forget how long it’s been, but an old news article says it was slated to open in late August 2013, so it might be just over a year.

A lot of the savings certainly come from coupons I receive in the email. I often have a 25% or 20% coupon that I send to my card. It looks a bit like the one above and prints out when I go to the kiosk. I believe this corresponds to the Exclusive Coupons. Sale price savings refers to any prices that you only receive from simply having a card, so anyone is eligible. The Coupon Center coupons seem to reflect what I’ve previously purchased as makeup, razor blades and batteries are frequently among them. Ha!

Every quarter, I receive a coupon worth 2% of what I spent the previous quarter — Extrabucks rewards.

I’m not sure how much I’ve spent over this past year. Although I visited frequently over the summer, I went in only a few times during the winter.  CVS claims I’ve spent $26.47 this quarter, but I’m thinking they mean last quarter because I received the email in Q4, and I hadn’t yet stepped foot into the store. If I’m correct, that could mean I spend about $105 over the year — only slightly more than I saved.

So that’s why I love CVS!

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