We’re All Sick of Your Jamberry Nails

Who hasn't memorized this logo by now?

Who hasn’t memorized this logo by now?

Part of me wants to celebrate the folks at Jamberry Nails who got on top of social media with their parties.

But part of me wants to strangle them, and this is why.

Jamberry Nails is a plastic-based nail “wrap” that you use to decorate your nails. You can easily get fancy designs with minimal effort, and Jamberry nails are supposed to last pretty much forever. 

However, I am sick of the two to three invites I get on Facebook every week for an online “party,” where you get a chance to learn about the product but you’re also guilted into buying products to help your “friend,” the host. Of course, I have plenty of people on Facebook with whom I’m not so close friends with all these people.

Of course, you wind up in this new group where there’s tons of notifications, and you’re encouraged to participate for “free” samples and the chance to win items. It would be fun if I weren’t invited to so many of these parties every week.

Just like any pyramid scheme, you’re going to quickly run out of people who haven’t been invited to the parties or already tried the product. It’s inundating and annoying.

But this isn’t the thing that bugs me most about Jamberry Nails.

Honestly? I just don’t like them. They look cheap and plastic-y. It’s like stickers found in a little girl’s beauty kit. Slap them on your face and nails. You’re all set.

You get very little surface area because they cannot touch skin or cuticles. This leaves a very awkward space around the wrap, which you’re supposed to heat twice for proper application. The process isn’t much less finicky, and your wraps will start to peel if you don’t do it right.

And they’re expensive.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t love them, however. Check out these posts by:

And it seems like working for them can be just as frustrating.

Even if I loved the product, I think I would be annoyed with all the invites and seeing this on my Facebook page week after week. If you value your customers, you’ll give it a break, folks.


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  1. Wait, you’re supposed to heat them twice? Oops. I’m currently reviewing a pair, and while I like the look of them (rainbow chevron), I’ve had better application results with other brands. Meh. To each their own, I suppose.

  2. Yep, before and after!

    I think I dislike the look of white and mine were a black and white chevron. Maybe I’d like it better as accent nails.

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  4. Hey Cole! On behalf of Jamberry, Id like to apologize for your “bad” experience with Jamberry’s wraps. Ive been a Jamberry wrap user for close to a year prior to signing on as a consultant. I can tell you that it takes a few tries before you get application down perfectly. I literally have zero lifting now, and I’m crazy rough on my hands! You know, dishes, kid’s baths, putting stuff together, peeling stickers off the damn walls. etc. My Jams last 11 days. I personally do not think they look cheap. I wouldn’t be wearing them if I did! Lol! Perhaps you just need a bit of practice applying them! Or not! Totally your call. I’m not here to be annoying… I just happened across your anti -Jam article and had a mini heart attack (Gasp! She doesn’t LOVE JAMBERRY!!???) Hahaa! Hit me up if you need any Jam-related help! Ill be happy to! God bless!

  5. Different strokes. I’ve seen them on reps and other people who swear by them (and have a lot more practice than I did!) and I still think they look pretty unsatisfying.

  6. Hi there!
    Im a new Jamberry consultant and after stumbling across your anti- jam post, i realized just how ill informed some ppl are to the “Pyramid Scheme” concerned with Jamberry. I have lots of customers and Jamberry has a lot more than “Plastic y wraps that look unsatisfying” to offer we dont just earn a 30% commission on sales, there is alot more on offer than that. I get that you dont appreciate the posts on facebook ect but like any business it needs to be advertised either way you look at it. So before you judge, please take a moment and realize that everyone is trying to make something of their lives and earn a little extra. I consult and sell as a side job so I dont earn as much as id like due to time constraints, but i do personally know women that have built their teams and are earning quite a big sole income from it.

    Regards Bianca J – Independent Jamberry Consultant Australia

  7. The only point I will concede is that, yes, Jamberry now offers more products than just wraps. But wraps made up the bulk of their product when I wrote this post over a year ago, and it’s still what most people associate with Jamberry.

    I wish you luck in your venture. If the (lack of) buzz in my circles is any indication, the fad is on its way out.

    Fortunately, a lot of really cool nail wraps have become available, and I haven’t been so scathed by one poor product to try others!

  8. “it needs to be advertised either way you look at it”

    Here’s the thing. Most anyone I know who decides to sign up for these “consulting” businesses, be it Jamberry, ItWORKS, Shitty Candles, etc. Are marking assholes with poor social etiquette concerning their personal social media accounts.

    You want to post on your personal facebook account that you’re a rep and looking for someone to host a party or “ask me more”, AWESOME. You do that. What you don’t do is tag all your friends in that status update, start a group and invite all your friends, or create an event and invite all your friends trying to fish for buyers to sell to. It’s rude, annoying, and not the proper way to advertise.

  9. Hey, Cole! I know I’m kinda late, but I came across your post and where you mention Espionage. My biggest issue with Jamberry is one you touched on; to me their wraps look really bland. Not necessarily ugly, but not anything that makes me want to buy them (or if I did, I can find similar at a CVS or Rite-Aid for 1/3 the cost). But Espionage’s are awesome! I came across them at SDCC last year, bought a set to try out, wound up going back and buying more. And I’m still buying their wraps because they catch my attention and reel me in, so to speak.

  10. I love wearing them, but I can appreciate not liking them, since everybody has their own taste.

    I just wanted to tell you that last month, during the national training seminar, one of the leaders of Jamberry told everybody to back off on Facebook promotions because it’s pissing people off. They’ll be working more on promoting the products more politely. I think it will make people a lot less cranky.

    Not sure why you say it’s expensive, though. If you use the adult size, the $15 sheets will do 4 or more full manicures. I have short nails, so I can do 5 with some leftover for a “mixed mani”.

    If you have small nail beds, you can wear the junior size and can get up to double that for the same price. Now, in all fairness, I don’t wear nail polish so I have no idea how to compare. But if I spend $3.75 or less on my hands and they stay on for at least a couple of weeks, that doesn’t seem crazy to me. It’s a WHOLE LOT less than a salon, which I don’t have the time or interest in.

    Oh, and no, you don’t NEED to heat them twice. I apply them cold, then heat once. It’s quick & easy enough for my 8 year old to do without help.

  11. My fictional monologue that made me chuckle.

    Noticed a tired looking new mother in the shopping centre out the front of Coles the other day setting up a table to showcase nail wraps or “Jammie’s” while her weeks old baby was in a sling against her chest.

    My internal monologue as I walked by…

    I bet her nipples are cracked and bleeding and her pelvic muscles are still sore from birth feeling like someone’s punched her in the fanny, but being a savvy organic pretty nail sales women seemed empowering… Until she starts competing with her friends and sister in-law trying to get family members and Mums from play group and every single person she’s a friends with on Facebook to buy Jammie’s off of her… Causing subtle irritation and passive aggressive bitching with her mother peers/competitors until someone has a sick kid and no sleep for a week and then starts an all out war because someone’s mother inlaw bought Jammie’s from Lucy’s sisters friends neighbor when they KNEW she sells them. This then escalates into an epic meltdown causing her milk to dry up from stress and a urinary tract infection, right as babies first tooth starts to rapture and it catches croup from playgroup leaving her unable focus on the Jammie’s coz she’s so fucking tired and the baby never fucking sleeps and will only stop crying if it’s held 24/7. She ends up using the Jammie’s as stickers for a collage she does to entertain and distract her 3 year old son one afternoon after he has an epic tantrum because he wanted his milk in a blue cup not an orange cup and refused to eat or drink for the rest of the day. While she’s washing baby bottles and trying to decide what to prepare for dinner her 3 year old sneaks into her Jammie box and grabs a whole heap of nail wrap sheets and goes around the house sticking them all over her newly painted white walls and on the outside of the car adhering like frigging superglue to the metallic paint. As she try’s to peel them off the metallic paint peels off with them. Her husband arrives home right when she’s trying to peel them off the car while holding her screaming baby who has burped up half of its milk all over her top. Seeing the damaged paint on the car sends her husband into a moody fit and he blurts out “those stickers are ridiculous, whats wrong with normal nail polish” she bursts out crying and later that night goes to the movies with Lucy from play group and sneaks in a bottle of wine. They get very drunk on the back row watching 50 Shades of Grey, goes home, spews all night and wakes up with a horror hang over and realises her life isn’t that bad and Jammie’s are over priced shit preying on tired house wives who just want to feel pretty and business-y. Her phone then pings and its a text from Lucy inviting her to a ladies organic pampering morning tea and her sisters friends neighbor is bringing along some amazing body products made buy a company called Arbonne…