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Date Mon, February 24 2014

A while back, I reviewed some wall decals. I rather liked them; although, it seems like my walls were not quite as fond. They’re slowly peeling, but I’ve keep my eye open for new decals because they’re a simple way to decorate. Whenever I see a review or giveaway opp for wall stickers, I browse the website to see if it’s something that I would be interested in.

One of the websites I just discovered is DecDecals,  which has a combination of text and design decals. I’m a little more into designs than I am quotes because they use up more room. If you like words and quotes, they have plenty of the typical ones about family and laughter. There’s also some unique decals like those featuring Marilyn Monroe and Bob Marley.

If you have no idea what you want, you can browse by room, and there are frequently decals on sale. Most of the designs that I look at were under $30, which is a good deal.

Some of them have color options, but the colors are limited and not all of them come with this option. I’m okay with this. I think too many options just makes me anxious.

coffee cup decal

coffee cup decal

My favorites include:

  • Flower vine
  • Branches, flowers and birds
  • Coffee cup
  • Be Yourself quote

If I had more photos, I’d love one of the family tree style decals. Alas, I do not.

When you’re browsing, you can view the different color options and see photos of some of the decals in a real room. I find this helpful — both because I get a feel for scale and also because it inspires me when I’m designing in my head. Some of the white decals on black walls look really smart.

There are worldwide versions available: wall decals Canada and  wall stickers UK.  The websites sell in American dollars, euros and pounds, too.

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