I Survived Black ThuFriday

Date Thu, December 5 2013

Man, what do you call it when the sales actually start on Thanksgiving? I mean, it’s a little crazy and part of me wants to rage against the machine. Then again, I look at my family’s Thanksgiving traditions — we show up, stuff out faces and leave — and I think that shopping as a tradition is almost more meaningful. My family’s not great with decorum. Part of me can’t wait to have my own kids to start my own traditions but that’s neither here nor there.

My cousin and I headed out to Wal-mart for 6PM black Friday sales. The parking lot was full bu 5:20. Security and employees were in full force outside, and they’re set up fences to direct traffic outside the doors. We got in and tried to find a few items my cousin was looking for. We decided to camp out by some children’s clothes that were on her list because no one else was around. I managed to sneak off and find a new purse since my sister had conveniently broken mine just hours before.

Five minutes before six, confusion set in. People were walking by with things from the sale, but no one had said whether it started. My cousin grabbed her goods only to be told by one employee to put them back. Another walked past and said it was okay. It was a lot of confusion.

Then, it was running around the store to the different aisles to find what you wanted. The displays weren’t necessarily set up in a way that made sense. Because of this, we missed the video games that were actually up front by product when we came in. However, we gave up on that idea when we saw how the line wrapped around the store. Eventually, we wound up waiting in line to check out and I saw a toy in someone’s cart that I remember my sister had said she wanted. My cousin saw it earlier and pointed me in the direction because we were waiting anyway. I manged to grab the last one in the bin!

I decided to try my luck with the video game line, which has shrunk a bit. It moved pretty fast, and I was soon standing next to the game my cousin’s son wants for Christmas. I didn’t see any for the 3DS, however, and when I asked the employee, he was no help. However, I saw one — the last one — in the cart and snagged it. My cousin was super pleased when I returned.

Fortunately, the register had broken when I was waiting, so it gave me time to get the game!  I got super lucky to get two of the last items in the bins, too!

After that, I headed back to Mom’s to say my good byes. I wound up back at home and, because I live three blocks from the mall, headed down there. I picked up a few things from JC Penney and Vanity, both of which opened at 8, but it was nothing like Walmart at all. It was more like a lazy afternoon.

Did you do any Black Friday Shopping?

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