Texting All Consumers

Date Fri, July 25 2014

At any given time, I am just an arm’s length away from my phone. These days, I spend more time replying to people on Facebook, and my second mode of communication is via text. While you’d be right that I send plenty of cat pictures, I’ve found that texting comes in handy for other purposes. For example, I get messages every month about my cell phone payment.

More recently, I’ve signed up to get text alerts from the post office and delivery companies. This is extremely helpful when you’re a review blogger and you get at least one package a week. Some days, I’ll get a visit from the mailman, UPS and Fedex. Knowing when to be home is super important when you lived in a lock building with no buzzer!

I’m not super fond of signing up for text-based alerts from retailers; although, I have done it in the past. Like this infographic below indicates, I delete most of those. The discounts provided through text just seem like they’re not as awesome as I’d find online.

At once time, I must have signed up with Rock The Vote. I don’t even know how to log in to my account let alone turn off the texts. At least that’s only a seasonal thing. LOL But most text alerts are super easy to opt out of, which makes them convenient for folks like me.

Read on if you want to learn more about how texting is taking over the retail world.

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