The Internet Saved Me

Date Thu, June 14 2012

You guys know that I like to save money. After all, I periodically post coupons here on Reviews by Cole–and mourn my printer, which doesn’t seem to want to let me print any off these days–and I always look for coupon codes and the like when shopping online. In fact, I’ve touched on that in the past. If I ever check out from a store and forget to use a coupon–GASP!–I figuratively kick myself for the next couple days. I mean, how could I be silly? On the other hand, when I remember to head to a site like, I feel really productive. I mean, really, super awesome. I pat myself on the back for a job well done. You’re the man woman, Cole.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those extreme couponer times. I don’t have the patience to clip, the time to shop nor the space to stockpile all those goods. Even if I did, I’m not sure that I would, but I still appreciate a good deal. I don’t do any online shopping without trying to find a coupon, and I’d like to think that everyone else is like me, but I know they’re not. Now I realize people–I’m talking about you, Mom–aren’t as comfortable with the Internet as me. I realize that for a generation or so, consumers became accustomed to paying a flat price for goods. Coupons went out of style and haggling? “What’s that?” they ask.

But the Internet has changed the way we look at shopping. Perhaps the recent downswing of the economy has something to do with it; in fact, I’m sure that it does, but people aren’t looking at prices as steadfast anymore. Consumers are clipping coupons, pasting promo codes and even trying to haggle their way to a better price. It’s a little bit like the online marketplace has become your local’s farmer’s market, where you feel like you have the power to say “No! I will not pay that much.” Consumers feel empowered again and, we know how to use the competition in our favor. For that, I thank you, Internet.

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