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Date Thu, January 14 2010

My shopping has been as sparse as my blogging lately. Don’t know what happened but I suddenly forgot to update. Woops! I did just buy a purification water pitcher from Amazon which I am kind of excited about. I’ve never had one before and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to increase my water intake. I’m pretty bad about that, even though I know better, and am not a big fan of tap water. Two birds, one stone as they say.

I almost always start my internet searches on Google Product Search (remember when it was Froogle?!) but occasionally just skip to Amazon if I feel assured it will be available there. I think I’d be lost without the price comparison services of Google (there’s other sites but I don’t really like them) and, as a sometimes-frugal shopper, would like to have similar services available for all products and services. I actually just discovered which helps you get free quotes for insurance; although, I’m not in the market and getting a “quote” usually means you have to talk to someone and give them specific information anyway. Maybe it’s just not as easy to compare prices for some things. Still, Google does a good job of it.

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