The One In Which Cole Is Slightly Disappointed

Date Wed, March 4 2015

It was almost two months ago when I decided to see if I could find the body wash I had grown to love. Although it had been discontinued, I did find one shop that sold it. But getting it to me wasn’t going to be that easy.

One of my online friends came to the rescue, and more than $60 later, I was waiting for the last three bottles ever to be delivered to me.

It took more than six weeks because body wash is liquid, of course, and can’t be flown air mail. I waited anxiously every freakin’ day, but finally it showed up a little over a week ago.

I was super excited, and opened the first bottle as soon as I woke up so I could shower and use the body wash, which I remember being frothy and sweet smelling. But something wasn’t quite right.  It smelled more like chemicals. It even burned my nose when I was sick. Eww.

I figure it must be because this product has been sitting on shelves for years. It is discontinued, after all. It’s settled. The scent will be different. After all, it does use real milk! I’m lucky it didn’t separate all together.

However, the other two bottles smell more like the product I remember; although, it’s still thicker than I remember. This means I’m getting about half the experience that I remember and not the one I wasn’t looking forward to.

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have buyer’s remorse. I couldn’t have known that I wasn’t going to get the luxury experience that I was accustomed to.

But I’m not quite as satisfied as I could have been or was expecting to be. In the past, this might have been a letdown, but now I am enjoying having the closest thing to what I want, and sometimes that’s all we get.

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