The truth is..

Date Wed, August 26 2009

I don’t really shop all that often. Right before Ryan came home and I was thinking about how I only had 1 pair of jeans that I could wear outside the house and a handful of shirts, some of which have definitely seen better days. and the pair of Vans I’d bought back when I was in Wausau were already chopping up my ankles.

So we hit up the mall the other day to solve at least some of these issues and I was actually able to find some Arizona jeans which fit, from JC Penney. On top of that, everything Arizona was buy 1, get 1 for $1 so they came out to like $17 each and I was happy. I think part of the reason I never buy clothes for myself is I am so loathe to spend a lot of money. I also got some more Airwalks and managed to pretty smoothly blow off the cashier who kept wanting to sell me shit ’cause he couldn’t believe I only wanted one thing during their BOGO sale.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to avoid the really pushy oil/perfume guy despite the fact that the mall was closing so we spent 5 minutes sniffing shit he put on Ryan’s arm. That’s one thing I miss about Japan; I could just ignore the sales people because I don’t speak their language. ;)

Anyway, after car shopping, insurance and my class this fall we won’t be spending a lot of money until we know where we stand and I’m fine by that (mostly).

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