Throw a Mickey or Minnie Themed Party for the Ages!

Date Fri, February 20 2015

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Do you have a birthday party coming up? Perhaps it is your child’s golden birthday or you just want to make up for an otherwise crappy year. Maybe you’re the parent known for outdoing themselves every yea (I simultaneously hate and envy you LOL!). What can you do this year to make it one not soon forgotten?

Might I suggest the fun option of a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse party? And let me tell you, I have some ideas for this party that you’re hosting. I just hope I get an invite!

One of the fun things you could do for your party is to hint at the theme rather than just plastering images of these iconic mice all over. For example, both Mickey and Minnie display polka dots. Minnie’s are on her dress, while Mickey’s are actually the buttons on his trousers. Yes, I just said “trousers!” LOL

So if you make cupcakes or even cookies, using fondant to cover them instead of icing would allow you to add round polka dots to them! Or, you can make a layered cake with a red and white polka dotted bottom layer and a black upper layer. Attach some Mickey ears to the top and maybe show his shoes “peeking” out from the bottom layer.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcake Stand

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcake Stand

The Mickey-themed cupcake stand from Birthday Express on the right is the perfect way to display cupcakes to save space. And it’s good if you’re not an expert baker and just want to place regular cupcakes on it.

Another theme that you’ll find with Minnie Mouse party ideas is her big hair bow. It’s girly and floppy and fun! You can use a bow to connect the swag over a table skirt like you’ll see on the left. Or use bows for name tags or actual hair decorations for your party guests.

Of course, the mouse ears make for amazing decor and party favors, too. Really, all you need is three black circles to achieve the look if you’re on a budget. Imagine sticking two mini chocolate cookies into the top of your cupcakes to make mouse ears! Adorable! But you can save time and money with Mickey Mouse Party Supplies from Birthday Express. They have mouse ears head bands so everyone can get in on the fun.

In fact, I would suggest that you not forget about Mickey’s friends! Donald and Daisy and Pete and all those other Disney characters that we love so much could make a themed party into a costume party! There’s no end to the ideas. Can you imagine bringing brand-new babies into the world and dressing them up as Hewey, Duey and Louie? I can just imagine the chorus of “Awws” as you guys read this. Awww!

And, honestly, these ideas would work well for both boys and girls. You don’t need to be overly concerned about gendered parties!

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