It’s Time to Stop Shopping

Date Wed, May 28 2014
No more shopping for Cole!

No more shopping for Cole!

I don’t know how it started, but I’ve spent waaaay too much money this month.

First, I went to Minneapolis Comic Con. I spend $200 for entry and about $250 on parking, food and shopping in Minnesota. Actually, that’s a low amount when you consider how much money you can spend at those places.

I returned home and to my quest of finding just one more pair of jeans that fit well. This led to an order from Maurice’s last week using some awesome coupon codes. Free shipping and at least 30% off. Yea!

In between, I had to buy new shoes. The Chucks I was wearing — oh, how I love them! — are wearing through the soles. I can still get some time out of them as casual shoes, but it’s warm enough to take 6 miles walks, and they just won’t cut it. I found an awesome pair at Payless for a good price, however!

However, I must have had less money in my account than I suspect. I went ahead and ordered from Torrid because their Memorial Day days were awesome. Many places had great sales — some still do — and I wasn’t anticipating this. Even though the Torrid order didn’t go through, I continued to shop.

I stopped by Deb’s and bought two tops. I preordered Mario Kart 8 from Gamestop, too. In them meantime, my Julep Maven box also failed to go through. Oops.

However, I am not without salvation. As soon as my Maurice’s package arrived, I tried everything on and returned $50 worth of goods. I returned one of the tops to Debs because I don’t really love it. I’m also waiting on some blog funding to come through, so I will be able to catch up on those two orders that didn’t go through.

I just didn’t time my shopping very well with a big sale, comic con and my birthday all in the same month. Oh well, I’ll do better next month, right?

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