Top 5 Gifts from ModCloth

Date Sat, November 9 2013

Ever thought about going to ModCloth for your gift ideas? Well, you should! They have an awesome gift guide which you can check out here: ModCloth Gift Guide. I have my top 5 below, but head to ModCloth right now and pick out some perfect gifts for this Holiday Season!


Works Wonders Throw Blanket from ModCloth

Works Wonders Throw Blanket from ModCloth

1. Works Wonders Throw Blanket from ModCloth

ModCloth has a ton of geeky gifts. The Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn throws blankets make great use of color and monochrome. I’m not sure which one I like best.

2. Trunks Full of Taste Shaker Set

I know that Ashe would just love these salt and pepper shakers. She’s a huge fan of elephants. Plus, the intertwining trunks are just too freakin’ cute. It’s under $13, too! Maybe it’ll be her Christmas present. Shh!

3. Full House Party Bottle Opener

There’s sort of this thing about how I didn’t have a bottle opener — at least, not a very good one — for months. My table and counters aren’t tough enough to open bottles on them, either. I have one now, but it’s not nearly as cool as this one, which is like a metal playing card. The Ace of Spades, to be exact, and the spade is a cutout where you open your bottle. Awesome!

Look What the Cat Bagged In Tote in Buddy from ModCloth

Look What the Cat Bagged In Tote in Buddy from ModCloth

4. Building Blocks of Light

I know I’ve featured this one before and on Pinterest, where I have a board of gifts for geek girls. The stacking light lamp is really just light-up Tetris blocks, and who doesn’t love Tetris? Well, everyone except for my friend Amber. She’s a work in progress, though!

5. Look What the Cat Bagged In Tote in Buddy

This final item is especially ideal for crazy cat ladies like me. Wait! I don’t know what you’re talking about?! I just love how the kitty is popping out of the pocket. It’s like the most adorable thing I’ve seen today. Aaand! It’s far more useful than my real, live fur babies.

So what are your favorite gifts from ModCloth? Check out the ModCloth Gift Guide  for ideas for everyone on your list this year.

Before you go, let me know what’s on your wishlist. ModCloth frequently has wishlist contests, so you might want to create one just to be ready for the next giveaway!

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  1. Carly November 12 2013 @ 3:57 am

    I love modcloth’s dresses! I did not know about their Gift Guide however, so thanks for informing me about that for the holidays!

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