Top 5 Nightmare Before Christmas Gifts

Date Mon, March 31 2014
Christmas Jack And Sally Pepper Shakers

Christmas Jack And Sally Pepper Shakers

I love the Nightmare Before Christmas. In fact, it’s one thing that most people seem to love and certainly a fandom that I share with almost all of my friends. I have various items in my home that show my love. Before I added my geeky wall art, my Nightmare Before Christmas collection kind of stood out in my living room. Most of those things tend to be more adult-ish (okay, this was true once but isn’t now). I have some cool swag, too:

  • A Jack and Sally pendulum clock
  • A stuffed Stitch dressed as Jack
  • Yahtzee with Jack’s head
  • Monopoly
  • 2 pairs of wine glasses
  • A pop-up Jack in a coffin
  • A jewelry box in the shape of a coffin

Now, you can’t have all of my awesome stuff, but you can get your hands on some awesome gear. These are five items that would make amazing gifts or, you know, ways to treat yourself.

Nightmare Before Christmas iPhone 5 Case

Nightmare Before Christmas iPhone 5 Case

Jack And Sally Heads Salt & Pepper Shakers

Hot Topic sells some cool NBX swag, including these pepper shakers. Jack and Sally’s heads hang from a tree for you to conveniently grab when you need them. Right now, everything at Hot is 25% off, so it costs less than $15 for the pair.

Jack and Sally Kissing Shakers

With a duo as likable as Jack and Sally, it’s hard not to pair them together. In this set of salt and pepper shakers, the two are leaning in to steal a kiss. Perhap’s it’s the first kiss since they finally admitted feelings for each other? Either way, this set is a must-have for the NBX lover in your life!

Nightmare Before Christmas 10th Anniversary Snowglobe

Nightmare Before Christmas 10th Anniversary Snowglobe

iPhone 5 Case

Now, I don’t even have an iPhone, but it’s so much easier to find cool cases for them because so many people do have them. This black-and-white cover features Jack and Sally on the hill against the moonlight. Those scenes from the movie are among my favorite! This case in particular won’t add a lot of bulk to your sleek phone, which is awesome.

10th Anniversart Snow Globe

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find this one easily. There are a few for sale on eBay, and they all cost more than $200. However, a die-hard fan might think them well worth the money.

In fact, it’s become impossible to find since I first wrote this post! This Halloweentown snowglobe makes a good replacement. It’s just as detailed, but will still cost $89!

This extremely detailed snow globe isn’t one of the cheap plastic ones that

Jack Pewter Desk Lamp

eBay is also where you’ll have to go to find the last item on this list: a Jack Skellington lamp. I love how it looks like Jack is standing in front of a street lamp.

In fact, I could browse eBay all day long. I love the selection of cookie jars that you’ll find. Oogie Boogie is particularly enjoyable, even though he’s not my favorite character. ┬áThere’s a jar floating around featuring Jack, Sally and Zero, and one of the haunted hill in front of the moon that’s true to the essence of the movie. I don’t want to link to all of them because I know they’ll disappear as soon as someone snatches them up, however.

In case you were wondering, yes, there is an entire store dedicated to items like these. Check it out here.

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  1. nicole dz April 1 2014 @ 2:44 pm

    10th Anniversart Snow Globe is my fav, all these themed items are always unique.

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