Uniforms and Uniform Suppliers

Date Fri, August 8 2014

Thanks for the guest post, SharperUniforms! Uniforms demonstrate a lot of things to both personnel and customers, especially when it comes to the service industry. Staff members feel a sense of camaraderie and like they are part of a team, while customers have the reassurance of having a visible and recognizable identifier of those who are in service and on duty. Uniforms say a lot about an establishment, especially what they think of their customers.

Plenty of jobs require uniforms. However, not all companies supply their employees with uniforms. For those companies that do supply employees with uniforms, there are some considerations that need to be mulled over prior to going forward.

Uniform Policies and Uniform Suppliers

If a company is going to require uniforms, then it needs a uniform policy. It needs to provide information about its expectations and standards for employees on uniforms included in the employee manual or staff handbook.

Secondly, whether a company supplies its employees with uniforms or not, said company should provide its employees with the uniform supplier name and contact information or establish an ordering procedure and forms for employees to order uniforms, whether an initial or additional one.

Wholesale Uniform Supplies

Companies ordering uniforms for employees can order in bulk. This is applicable whether the company is supplying the uniforms or simply ordering them for employees as a pass-through. Restaurant and hospitality industry companies can order kitchen and restaurant aprons for service staff through suppliers like SharperUniforms.com. Such companies provide quality and cost effective uniform solutions.

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