Update Your Fall Wardrobe with Stella & Dot

Date Tue, August 2 2016

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Although it’s sunny and warm during what seems to be one of the longest summers in recent history, I know the season won’t last forever. It will soon be fall, and that means all sorts of things: back to school, the changing of the leaves and fall fashion lines, to name a few. I’m excited for more moderate temperatures, so I can take long walks without sweating off my makeup.

I’m also waiting patiently to see what colors will be and what new styles will hang from the racks at my favorite stores. I’ve already gotten the heads up on some stores, including Stell & Dot. As an affiliate, I often learn a bit more about upcoming styles before consumers do. Lucky me!

This fall, Stella & Dot is all about the neutrals and whites, hues that are timeless and pair perfectly with whatever outfit you’re wearing no matter the season! You can get an idea of these styles from the image below. I personally love #9, but y’all know me!

If you want to learn more about Stella & Dot’s new products, you can host a Trunk Show. What’s that? It’s like a sales party for jewelry and other accessories available from the company. As a host, you’ll earn some cool swag, and your friends might not know about Stella & Dot yet! This month’s bonus is

August Hostess Bonus is a special incentive exclusively for Hostesses where they can earn an extra $50 in Style Rewards when they host qualified Trunk Show Saturday, July 23rd through Wednesday, August 31st at 9pm PT!

Or you can head directly to their site to check out what’s availalbe and on sale!

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