Date Thu, April 2 2009

As a parting gift, I bought Samantha Mario Kart for the DS. I knew she loved it and hoped it would make her feel better. We played a pretty awesome round in the SUV on the way to the airport (I guess this is also when I dropped my headphones. Urgh!) but I guess even Mario can’t always save the day because she was soon sobbing and making me want to do the same as we said good bye. Anyway, it was a last minute thought to stop at GameStop while at the mall and even though the copy I picked up was use, it was still $30. That’s just nuts. The brand new game is only like $5 more and there were other brand new games available for $17 – $20. Still, I wish all my friends had Mario Kart for the DS so we could have Nintendo DS parties. XD

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