Wait to Buy These 6 Things Until After the Holidays!

Date Fri, December 26 2014

In some countries, December 26th is known as Boxing Day. It’s a day known for sales in Canada, for examples. However, while today may have no special name in the USA, it’s still a great day to shop. Most stores have marked down their Christmas goodies, including many of those on this list, and you may have extra cash or gift cards to spare.

But should you wait until the day after Christmas to make purchases? Absolutely! Here’s what you can score amazing deals on if you have a little patience!

Light up your backyard with string lights!

Light up your backyard with string lights!

1. Christmas Lights

Most stores have soooo many lights that you don’t have to worry about them selling out. You can get them for pennies on the dollar, seriously! All you have to do is wait until after the holidays! I know this is hard if you have a holiday light emergency. Say, your pets like to eat cords, but you should stock up after the holidays are over. White and single-colored lights can be used to decorate for other holidays, and you might even incorporate them into your DIY home decor!

2. Extension Cords and Power Strips

Stores like CVS and Michaels add electrical devices to the shelves. Many of them come in that typical dark green; although, not all of them are. They disappear quickly after Christmas, but it’s a great deal on something you can use in your home all year long if you can find them on clearance!

Boxes and bags make gifting easy, and they go on sale!

Boxes and bags make gifting easy, and they go on sale!

3. Gift Packaging and Wrapping Paper

I broke my golden rule this year about buying wrapping paper at full price. Honestly, folks, you should never buy wrapping paper at full price. It’s marked up like crazy! Waiting until the days after Christmas is also the perfect time to save money on ribbons and bows, boxes and gift bags. If you buy some that aren’t too holiday or winter-inspired, you can use them all year long!

4. Ornament Hooks

The fancies ornament hooks that you can find around the holidays are fantastic for other DIY and crafts, and you can use them when you decorate for holidays including Valentine’s Day and Easter, too!

5. Home Decor

There are a lot of candle holders and small water features that pop up as holiday gifts. They’re often no more than $10 or $20, but most stores typically drop prices by 25% or 50% right after the holidays. Some of the bright silver or gold candle holders that are intended to adorn your mantle during winter will look good all year round!

christmas storage tubs

christmas storage tubs

5. Storage

Plastic tubs in red and green? Perfect for keeping track of your holiday goodies. They’re also cheaper after December 25th — the 26th at some stores. The same goes for wrapping paper, wreaths and bulb containers, which are ideal for keeping those items that are so awkwardly sized safe until next December rolls around.

6. Floral

Head to Joanns or Michaels after the winter holidays to score serious deals on flowers, garlands, leafs and other floral goodies. Many of them, like poinsettias, are best recognized during the holidays. But you can use basic wreaths and glittery florals to create your own crafts and even sell them at a profit!

7. Christmas Decorations

Of course, waiting until after the holidays is smart if you need a new (fake) tree, which can cost hundreds of dollars. Tree stands for real trees also go on sale. Plus, all the ornaments, bulbs and garland will go on sale. I know there were plenty of things that I saw in stores before the big day, but I wasn’t sure if I needed them at those prices. At half off or even more? You betcha!

What do you wait to buy until after the holidays have passed?


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