All I Want For Christmas Is To Be Easier To Shop For

Date Mon, November 17 2014

When it comes to buying gifts for others, I’m on point. People have told me that I am the best gift giver ever. Multiple people. Multiple occasions. I’m just good at this, I guess.

What am I not good at? Receiving gifts. Actually, I’m not even good at asking for them. When a person wants to know what I’d like for Christmas or my birthday, I never know what to answer. This happens for a couple reasons.

  1. When I want something, I buy it. I don’t really hold out.
  2. The things I haven’t already purchased are kind of pricey.. and I don’t like to ask for that or people can’t afford it.
  3. I like very specific things. I don’t want something like something else. I want the very specific thing. So if you want a link to my Amazon wishlists (video games, nail polish, housewares, general geekery and board games) and you want to buy me something from it, you probably won’t go wrong, but you also won’t get the feeling of enjoyment from picking out someone’s perfect gift.

The result of this? I’ve received many gifts that weren’t a great fit. With my lack of a poker face, I am sure that everyone knows. I want to be grateful, I truly do. And I understand that people just have no idea where to start. I get a couple gift cards, but people have slowly stopped buying me gifts over the years. In the end, I just don’t receive many gifts because nothing at all is better than something I hate, right?

And I know how ungrateful I sound. I don’t mean to, but I’m not sure how else to word it.

The funny thing is, I spend a lot of time shopping for myself. For example, when Modcloth released their 2014 Christmas gift guide, I was all over that! I spent hours browsing. I found cool things that I thought would make great presents for others, but I was more distracted by things I thought would be good for me. Boy, there were a lot of them.

I couldn’t narrow it down, so I’ve been posting one gift idea a day from Modcloth on Reviews by Cole on Facebook. Look for the hashtag #giftaday. There are a lot of cool items, but I wanted to focus on the top three items that would make great gifts for me!

Pawsitively Bemused Mug

This is probably the type of thing that people would buy for me, honestly. But just because I have cats and like them doesn’t mean that I want my house full of cat things. People don’t seem to understand this concept. This mug is both cute but also functional, so it kills two birds with one stone, which is good because I don’t need my cats killing any birds!

Instant Message in a Bottle USB Flash Drive 

This is such a clever gift! You can put anything on the USB drive — a slide show, video, photos, poetry or music. It would be a fun gift from a friend and could be romantic, too It’s definitely not the type of gift you give to someone whom you don’t know well, and it takes a little thought in addition to buying it, which is why I love it!

No Funny Bones About It Stacking Game

I love games, and while Jenga isn’t my favorite, I cannot help this adorably morbid take on it. The pieces are human bones, and you don’t want to knock the skull off the top. The Day of the Dead inspiration doesn’t hurt, either!

Like I said, there are tons more great gift ideas at ModCloth. What are your favorites?!

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