What to Buy!

Date Fri, April 13 2012

Now that taxes are done, and I’m expecting a little extra money thanks to advertising, I have some money I can spend on the things that have been on my wishlist but had a low priority until now. Luckily, I don’t have to pay for my own home maintenance costs, so I’m not the one who has to deal with round rock water extraction services. No, the purchases I’m thinking about making are a little more personal. There’s much in terms of big things on this list, really. I mean, I already bought my Kindle Fire. ;)


  • Sheets. I’m thinking high-count cotton in black, because the satin ones I bought last year just haven’t been as practical as I’d hope
  • Some yoga/lounge pants for around the house. I’m having a hard time finding fitted cotton and not nylon ones.
  • New shoes. I could use a new pair to replace my Converse and perhaps one or two pairs of dressier shoes or wedges.
  • A cat scratcher/furniture. This should actually be higher on the list.
  • Pjs. I don’t really need any, but I’d sure like a cute matching set.
  • A new iPod Touch. But, when I say “new,” I really just mean new to me. Mine is old and laggy and I don’t need a new one but I’d really appreciate one.
  • A new purse that is more functional than the one I have now.
  • A couple camis to replace the ones I have which just wore out.

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