Why I Love eBay Daily Deals ($50 Goes a Long Way!)

Date Thu, July 9 2015

2015 is a good time to be a shopper. There are more ways to save than ever, what with apps that give you cash back, sites that make it easy to find coupons codes, reward programs and eBay’s own Daily Deals.

What, you haven’t heard of them? Well, let me introduce you!

You see, Daily Deals are just that — the best prices on all sorts of goodies that last for a limited time. You’ll find daily deals for home goods, tech, fashion and even sporting goods. Discounts might be as much as 90% off. Plus, shipping is free, too!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Wait a day and see what changes in that time!

I currently have a $25 gift card — and another on the way! — so I’ve been browsing eBay Daily Deals to see what I might want to buy. Now, you might think that isn’t a ton of money, but you’d be surprised. Sure, I may not be getting a new laptop, but I could for just under $300!

In my $50 range, I could buy my same Android phone (the Desire 601) for use with Sprint! I actually spent over $100 more when I bought mine, so I’d say that’s a deal! I could also get the backlit USB keyboard that I actually own for under $24. And a name-brand wireless keyboard and mouse from Logitech doesn’t cost much more.

ebay daily deals


Since it is summer, it might be time to head outside, don’t you think? I can try out Bocce ball with an entire set under $40, or get a Croquet set for just a little more. There are a number of sleeping bags and hammocks available from eBay Daily Deals, too, should I just want to relax.

If you like your creature comforts even when you’re outside, invest in a floating drink holder. I never would have expected an innertube with inflatable canopy for your baby, but eBay has one that’s selling for under $35. I guess there’s no reason why even the smallest member of the family shouldn’t enjoy some sun in the fun — well, without too much sun!

We can’t forget about my cats. I spend more on those boys than I do anyone else! eBay offers up to 60% off supplies, including:

  • Beds
  • Scratching posts
  • Cat towers
  • Litter boxes

So you’re not a cat person? Don’t worry! There’s plenty for dogs, birds, fish and even hamsters!

I could really go on, too. I’m planning a BBQ some time next month — if I ever get around to it — and there are grill sets, condiment caddies, lights, seating and even travel canopies to consider. Of course, I’ll probably encourage everyone just to bring their own, but it’s certainly fun to shop.

And why wouldn’t it be? With so many options available, the Daily Deals make you feel like just about anything is within your reach no matter what your budget!

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