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Date Sat, January 21 2012

Whenever the subject comes up, I always tell people that I should have had glasses years ago — and it’s true. My sight isn’t horrible but things would be a little clearer if I wore them, especially when driving. This is part of the reason why I do not like to drive at night. A few years ago, I got a prescription and I visited at least four eye glasses stores but I either couldn’t find anything that I liked or within my price range. I couldn’t see myself paying upwards of $100 for glasses I’d only wear some of the time. I wish I had known about sites like Zenni Optical then. They offer prescription glasses with a variety of frames for bottom-line prices. One of the lowest-priced options are $6.95 prescription eyeglasses. That’s less than I spend on Mountain Dew in a week! Some of the more “expensive” frames are $12.95. That’s not a price about which I can complain!

Plus, Zinni offers options like Oleophobic coating to deter fingerprints, oil and dust so that you can spend less time cleaning your lenses. This same coating also reduces reflection, which is always a plus. That would be great for me, if I were wearing glasses while driving at night. The coating itself isn’t that expensive either.

Even though I need a new prescription, I cannot help but browse the site and I’m surprised at how many frames I like. I’m definitely going to be playing on the site before I go to bed.

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