Date Tue, April 13 2010

If you notice the recent changes I’ve made to the site, I hope you like them (and if you haven’t noticed it, don’t sweat it). I just wanted to perfect some details and I’m pretty happy with them; although, I may not be done yet. Am I ever?

Thank god I am only designing a website and not, say, a damned vehicle. LOL The tiny details of car accessories would likely drive me insane (but maybe I’m already well on my way). Then again, perhaps my eye for detail would actually come in useful in a situation like that. I keep finding myself looking at all sorts of designs and noticing the complete lack of attention to detail which can really tie something together.

I have been contemplating what to call a new, regular feature and am pondering over the name “Weekly Wants.” Of course, I would have to do it in a weekly basis and it would outline whatever I am currently wanting (though maybe not getting) that week. I’ve already got a couple items in mind, even. d= IT seems like I am always doing some sort of online window shopping without really making the purposes. I guess I’m kind of indecisive that way.

In the mean time, I have been slacking on reviews so expect to see more of those. I’ve definitely got ideas lined up for cosmetics, books and grocery items, though! I have been writing more for money than for pleasure (IE freelancing) and I even applied to and was accepted at Demand Studios. I am waiting for my bio and first piece to be reviewed. I hope it is good news so I’m not stressing over the results (even though it was a different type of writing for me). However, I do find myself writing less when I am obligated to do so for whatever reason. So I will sign off here.

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