Food For Thought

Date Wed, November 11 2009

As I’m sitting here heating up leftovers form last night and whining in my head about the shelf life of leftovers (seriously, if you don’t eat them within 24 hours they always taste horrible and even if you do eat them quickly, they’re never quite as good), it just seems like I’ve been thinking way too much about food lately. I have a few review ideas (Marie Callender’s, Activia Drinks. Cheddars) but I just did a few and I’m not sure people like them as much as other reviews so I try to space them out.

I’m really excited about an upcoming opportunity, however. I will be able to review a pan from the Rachael Ray Cookware at I chose a perfect sized “brownie pan” because I don’t have one. I’ve been using a larger cake pan for years and they always turn out too thin. So, I’ll be able to have good brownies. Not quite home made, though. I still use a mix. ;)

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