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Date Fri, October 24 2008

As I shop, I sort of make a mental checklist of things I can review for the site. On my mind now is our George Foreman grill, Phantom’s new toy Da Bird as well as a litter box mat, face wash and Frizz Eaze Hair Serum. I’ll probably even put up a review of Lego Batman since I have been playing it so much. -gasp!- I definitely want to do some reviews as well for my host: Neureal, my cell phone provider: T-Mobile and my internet/phone/cable service: Time Warner.

After a while, I start to forget things on my list but I know I forgot them so it makes me frustrated. I think I need one of those digital memo recorder things that you always get FREE if you call now to buy something else that is equally worthless from a late night TV commercial.

I guess not having TV for so long caused me to forget about commercials and now I get quite sick of them. Every time I see a certain car commercial or hear the insurance ad of a doctor recommends a product like Alli, I tend to sort of scoff or zone out or even grumble at the commercials. If only I have Tivo (ha! if only my cable didn’t suck so bad).

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