How To Enter Giveaways at Reviews by Cole

Date Sat, September 29 2012

I’ve firmly settled on Promo Simple as my tool of choice for my future giveaways, and you can see it on some of them right now. This is a new tool that you may not be familiar with, and it might be confusing for people who aren’t accustomed to blog giveaways. This tutorial will walk you right through the process with screenshots.

The entry form will ask you for at least your name and email address. Sometimes, I might ask for physical mailing address if it will be needed to send you the prize. The mandatory entry will automatically appear. In the example below, you must visit minted via the link on the widget and find something you’d like to win. If I want you to leave information, you must supply that information in the widget itself, not the blog comments.

How to Enter a Giveaway

Giveaway Entry Form


Once you click “Enter,” bonus entries will appear. ¬†All the extra entries will appear once you hit that button. Each will have its own button to show more information about completion. Click to read more and perform the entry. Click this same button once more to collapse the entry and move on.

Giveaway Bonus Entries

Giveaway Bonus Entries

Some entries involve social network activities such as sharing on Facebook or following on Twitter. For Facebook, you may have to authorize the app if you’ve never allowed Promo Simple before. Then, you’ll see the option to like, share et cetera. Hit the button and Promo Simple lets you click “Enter” to move on to the next entry. Multiple “Likes” might be an option. For example, you may be able to like the FB page for Reviews by Cole and that of the sponsor.


Facebook Giveaway Entries

Facebook Giveaway Entries

Each entry type gives explicit instructions. When available, Promo Simple lets you perform actions directly from the widget. If this isn’t an option, I’ll provide further instructions. For example, you can earn entries by sharing on social networks and bookmarking sites, many of which have links in the widget on the left side of the page.

At no point will you have to make a purchase. If you need to navigate to another page, I’ll provide the link within the Promo Simple widget. Once you’re done with all the entries you feel comfortable performing, you can simply click away from the page. Entries will disappear from the widget when you’ve successfully completed them. There’s nothing to save.

The form gives some information like the time remaining for the giveaway, how many entries are already submitted and how many entries you can personally submit at the top. You can see how many entries you’ve added just to double check.

Giveaway Entry Count

Giveaway Entry Count

Remember, you can come back once a day to tweet about any giveaway; although, most other entries are one-time only.

I hope this helps!

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