I Will No Longer Change Links for Free [Policy Change]

Date Wed, October 24 2012

No one knew that Google would change algorithms and people would wind up being penalized by Google for over-optimizing their websites and manipulating the search engine. Few people stopped to ask if it was really okay, but Google really pulled the rug out from under SEO professionals and website owners. I respect the part I may have played in that and how some worlds were turned upside down by that, but — and this is a big but — it doesn’t change the fact that sponsors and advertisers paid for specific links — and usually at a very competitive rate (read: cheap) — so I don’t feel that this recent wave of requests is all that fair to change links. That is, unless you want to pay. I am more than happy to remove a link, change anchor text or add nofollow attributes if you propose a fair price.

Why? Because our agreement was for a certain amount of links in a certain location (post, sidebar, etc) for a specific duration (forever, usually). I agreed to the anchor text and URL provided, and only that text or URL. Asking me to replace or change a link is like asking me to change our terms, and you don’t get to do that after the fact. That is, unless you want to pay.

A deal is a deal, and you wouldn’t agree for me to prematurely remove links or contact you months or years later asking for more money. I wouldn’t do that because it’s unprofessional, just as asking me to change links is unprofessional.

I will deny every single request to change links from this point out. If you’re a blogger, you should, too. Don’t let these folks pull the wool over your eyes. They gamed the system and lost the bet, and that is their responsibility. Actions, meet consequences. This is me taking my responsibilities seriously.

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  1. Dez October 25 2012 @ 12:54 am

    I want to post this everywhere.

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