I’d like to thank the academy

Date Fri, July 17 2009

And also these people who have helped me in my blog conversion. I want to keep this really low maintenance so there will be no full links page. Still, it would be unfair not to mention people who make my life easier (well, sometimes). Many of the plugins listed I also use at Her Realm, which I will note because I think it shows just how useful they are!

First and foremost, Dez, Ashley, Karyn, Ashe and Josh who all refreshed a milion times and asked my opinion as I changed my mind just as frequently.

At Reply by Yus is a great plugin and provides an alternative for impossible to style threaded comments with Twitter-style replies. Also at Her Realm.

Advanced Blogroll Widget
allows me to show a specific number of links randomly so my footer doesn’t look unruly.

All in One SEO Pack makes search engine optimization easy by doing it all for me. I use it to (hopefully) improve rankings and increase traffic. Also at Her Realm.

BreadCrumb NavXT shows locations on the site and also provides every page which the much needed home link. Plus, linking between pages on your site increase SEO. Also at Her Realm.

Comment Reply Notification does exactly as it says. I have mine set so users can choose if they want to be e-mailed upon reply. It’s great for when you ask a question and want to know the reply but are too lazy to write an e-mail! ;) Also at Her Realm.

Smart 404 is probably my favourite plugin ever. Instead of a generic 404 when a person enters an invalid URL, you can set it up to show links to related posts or pages. The creator, Michael Tyson, has also been very helpful in regards to my comments and it is much appreciated! Also at Her Realm.

This Related Posts Plugin which has an option to insert links to related posts automatically (no code editing necessary!), also helps SEO by linking between pages but can help your visitors find content of interest.

Other recommended plugins include: Add To Any (social bookmarking), Akismet (spam blocker), Twitter for WordPress (displays Twitter updates) and WordPress Database Backup (create or schedule back ups so you never lose your site)!

Last but not least, the adorable icons I use in my posts are from famfamfam. I believe it’s the silk set which includes 700 icons. They’re great for more than just puny blogs, too!

So, a hearty thank you to one and all (including those I am sure I am forgetting)!

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