My Nemesis

Date Mon, September 22 2008

That may be a little melodramatic but as I’m sure you’ve all noticed,. I’ve used a lot of products for acne treatment and prevention. While I don’t have the worst case around, I’d love to not have a case at all.

Of course, I’d rather not try a prescription product or one that is very pricey so I stick to drug store brands. So far, I prefer Clean & Clear and Clearasil but it seems that every time I really like a product, they stop making it or the store stops carrying it. Why is that?

For instance, I really liked Clearasil’s daily face wash (and the product line’s new look!) but was disappointed to find they didn’t carry it at the BX in Misawa. Furthermore, once I was able to look at a bigger store, I couldn’t find it. I was also confused ebcause the look had changed – and not for the better. So last night I picked up what I believe to be the equivalent in their new line of products and will be doing a review of that shortly.

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