Paying Post is the Devil..

Date Thu, December 10 2009

Well, kind of. Having the Paying Post (now Blog Advertising Store) code up on my blog was causing it to stop loading, then go to a white page. The source showed it was trying to load a file from “” Similar imagehacks.whatever domains are used on different sites and there is even a Blogger support thread going but this is obviously not affecting only blogs using Blogger. Removing the code solved the problem and now I’m happy I’ve never used them. If you’re experiencing the same problem, check for a Paying Post or BlogAdvertising Store code in your files; you may have signed up and long forgotten about it.

I’m not sure how long this was going on but it happened after my last update and the first post on the Blogger thread is from yesterday. I apologize if this has affected your viewing but I don’t have no fancy shmancy security cameras to monitor the site 24/7.

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