Date Wed, July 21 2010
I have lots of upcoming reviews, some sponsored and some not. First off, I have another opportunity to work with CSN Stores, online purveyor of such household wares as cutlery and dining room tables. I will have the opportunity to review a crockpot from their selection. You may recall when I reviewed something for them before and, rest assured, that I had no less easier of a time choosing something to review (and I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to do a review or giveaway at first!) this time around. It’s no easy feat, browsing hundreds of stores with thousands (or millions?!) or items!

That’s not the only upcoming review, however. I just got a package of items from Bodycology, including frosting scented lotion! And the list of things I’ve purchased on my own and want to review keeps growing, too. I’ve got a toothbrush, make up, video games, hand soap, books and even some software waiting for me to spread the good–or bad–word about them.

Look for all of this and more at your local Reviews by Cole in the near future. ;)

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