up & up Apricot Scrub

Date Wed, September 5 2012

I mostly bought this because the price was rice, and it smelled better than every other facial scrub or wash on the shelf. Literally. They all smelled like floor cleaner, and I don’t want to wash my face with something that smells like chemicals. I prefer something pleasant and enjoyable. The apricot scent of this […]

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Softsoap Body Butter Scrub

Date Wed, March 3 2010

Since I’ve returned, I’ve been using a body scrub by Softsoap. I am normally not a huge apricot fan but opted for something different. The scrub comes in a plentiful 15 fl oz bottle with an easy to use flip-up cap. There is a small hole for administering it to your loofah or washcloth. Through […]

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