It’s Bacon Me Crazy

As I just leave a shower where I used Chocolate and Bacon scented shower gel, made by the awesome Honeycat Cosmetics, I cannot help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, we’ve gone a little too far with these bacon products.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like bacon as much as the next person, perhaps even more — for eating. But bacon flavored and scented things so often tend to miss the mark in terms of what they should smell like. I mean, we get what they’re going for, but it’s never quite right.

Bacon-flavored products

So many bacon products to choose from!

  • Bacon flavored lube
  • Bacon flavored dental floss (eww!)
  • Bacon flavored toothpicks
  • Diet Coke with bacon
  • Bacon air freshener
  • Bacon scented soap
  • Bacon chocolate
  • Bacon gum
  • Bacon cologne
  • Seaweed that tastes like bacon
  • Bacon toothpaste
  • Bacon vodka
  • Bacon shaving cream

and on and on and on as Journey might sing!

This isn’t counting the countless things that look like bacon: belts, shoes, pillows, Band-aids and more.

Bacon can be a tasty part of a meal — and not just breakfast — but it’s not part of my fashion sense. I don’t want an ultra-realistic bacon scarf, that’s for sure! I’m willing to try the sweet-and-salty combination that so many of these new recipes are going for, but bacon is something I’d rather taste rather than look at.

I’d be willing to bet that most people agree with me. It was funny, but now it’s just overwhelming. We’ve well past silly and on our way to ridiculous.

As a consumer, I find too many choices to be overwhelming. I would sometimes rather err on the side of fewer products to make an easier choice — and bacon scented and flavored products are one area where I think we could cut down.

What do you think?

Tyson Chicken Bacon Club Stuffed Mini Bread Bowls

Tyson  Chicken Bacon Club Bread Bowls

Tyson Chicken Bacon Club Bread Bowls

Boy, am I fan of Tyson food. And this seemed like something that might be interesting. I couldn’t pass it up, now could I?

I am a fan of bread bowls like those as Dominos, but those are so large. Each bowl is two full meals. These bread browls — there’s four to a package — are good for appetizers or snacking because they’re much smaller. I wound up enjoying two at a time, but you might want to purchase a few boxes if you’re feeding a group.

There were a couple different flavors but I opted for the chickn bacon club. I love chicken, bacon and cheese. How can it go wrong?

The bread bowls heat up easily in the microwave. You could opt for the oven if you want that baked texture, but they weren’t soggy in the microwave the way that, say, Hot Pockets or Pizza Rolls, sometimes can be.  The bread bowls hold they shape nicely, so this really is finger food. You’ll take several bites out of each bowl, of course.

I enjoyed the bread itself. It was a neutral flavor without a lot of spices. I wasn’t really sure about the contents of the bowl. The chicken, bacon and cheese all seemed to blend together in one mix, and the flavors combined in a way that wasn’t better than the sum its parts of unique enough that you could depict chicken, cheese and bacon. There was only one bite where I tasted anything bacon-y at all.

I generally like Tyson foods, but this one was just too.. processed.  While I would eat it again in the future, I wouldn’t purchase the frozen bread bowls without a steep discount. I’d rather go with the Bruschetta in the future.

Tyson Deli Market Chicken Bacon Vegetable Alfredo Pasta

Tyson Deli Market pasta

Tyson Deli Market pasta

If you’ve never heard of these dishes, I’m not surprised. I’ve only seen them at a single store in the area despite the fact that Tyson is a very recognizable name. In fact, I’ve looked at these products quite a few times before I finally bought them. I noticed that there were actually manufacturer’s coupons by the products. I couldn’t pass these entrees up when I saw a BOGO free coupon.

I chose to get the BBQ chicken in addition to this Alfredo pasta. As a fan of chicken and bacon, I figured this would be pretty delicious. It’s easy to make, too. The package stated that you only need 4 minutes. In fact, I microwaved the entree for less time than that because it’s a strong machine.

One thing that I like about the packaging is how minimal is it. The entree comes in a plastic dish that’s sealed with plastic — that you don’t even need to cut to make. There’s a simple cardboard sleeve that slides off. On the back of the sleeve is even a coupon that I’m sure I’ll use next time. The packaging doesn’t take up more space or time than it need, which I like.

As I microwaved this, I could smell the sauce. It’s slightly garlicky and made my mouth water.  When I removed the plastic, it seemed as though the sauce was a little thin. However, it thickens as it cools. Obviously, there’s bacon and chicken and corkscrew pasta. The packaging lists “garden vegetables.” As far as I can tell, these are carrots, corn, and red peppers. There might be something else, but they’re all rather small. While corn seemed to be a strange choice, it wasn’t bad once I took a bite.

The entree costs about $5 each, and it’s really only enough for a single serving so it’s not something that I will buy on a very frequent basis. However, you can add a salad or perhaps bread to stretch the meal. The website actually lists this as a “side dish.” you could add your own chicken and a salad for it to fit two dines.

While Tyson is known for its meat, the chicken was a little sparse. I would’ve liked to see some larger grilled pieces. It was still delicious, however.

Overall, Tyson Deli market side dishes are decent. Give it a try if you can find it but don’t stress if you can’t.

Tyson Annytizers Chicken & Bacon Bruschetta

Chicken & Bacon Bruschetta

Chicken & Bacon Bruschetta

So, I have this cycle. I’ll go grocery shopping and every freakin’ thing on my list for the week or two will be something I have to cook. The next week, I’ll get convenience foods only because I’m so sick of cooking.  I’ve had some enjoyable bruschetta in the past, but I don’t make it because I don’t need appetizers. i guess I don’t entertain in that way. But a frozen version that looked yummy is perfect for a single gal who’s not going to have any of that cooking nonsense this week, so I picked up the bag.

It contains 20 little bruschetta pieces, and I don’t know how, but the topping almost all magically stayed on the bread. In fact, I don’t really want to think about it. It’s probably super glue or something, but it’s convenient. You just pop them on a sheet and bake for ten minutes. Allow some time to cool, though.

What I’ve noticed is that it’s possible to overcook there. There’s this perfect time where the bread is crunchy and the topping a still moist and not dried out. They included tomato, chicken, bacon and cheese. The cheese is real and gooey, which I like. Each ingredient feels very “real” and not processed.

However, while this tastes okay, there’s something missing. I feel like it should be more moist. These would be great with some sort of sauce or perhaps drizzled with some extra olive oil. This might be all that the bruschetta needs to take it from “Okay” to “great.” I’m just not sure.

So I’d try these again, and a single bag is goof for several meals for me. There’s enough to entertain a few people, too. If you really like bruschetta, the frozen option is definitely more convenient than making it yourself, though.

If you’re interested in nutritional info, Tyson calls three pieces a serving. There’s 190 calories, 50 from fat. There’s no trans fat and a little bit of calcium, protein and iron. However, there’s more sodium in this than you might want on a frequent basis.

Cutting the bacon would probably make it less unhealthy, though. you could try the chicken and spinach option. In fact, I think i will opt for that next time as I really don’t mind spinach. That one has a less calories but more sodium, so it’s definitely a trade-off.

I’d be interested in hearing what everyone else thinks of this offering though.

Hormel® Microwave Ready bacon

…is not bacon.

There, I said it.

It does not look like bacon. Instead of the precooked strips you get in most packages that are marked as “microwavable.” Nor does it look like raw bacon you get in regular packages. It looks like some meat that is processed to resemble raw bacon but.. is not.

It doesn’t cook like bacon. You don’t throw individual strips in a pan to fry or on a plate to microwave. 4 strips come in these plastic bags with a weird, fabricy towel thing. To soak up grease, I guess. It doesn’t work. The bag expands as you microwave it and the “bacon” takes on a slightly more bacon-like appearance. Almost, but not quite.

The thing I love about bacon is its taste. And smell. A smell that evokes your tastebuds to reminisce. But this product does not smell or taste like bacon. It does not hit the spot. Let me tell you, when you’re eating bacon, you do so because it hits the spot. Not for its nutritious value.

Nice try Hormel. Well, not really. Not a very nice try at all. And I don’t like being tricked, either! Microwave Ready Bacon. Pfft!