5 Sure-Fire Ways to Annoy Bloggers

Date Mon, June 9 2014

AKA, you will piss us off if you do these things! Fans, fellow bloggers and companies can sometimes make this hobby of mine feel like a torture chamber, and I know I’m not alone. Many fellow bloggers will agree with me that these things are just not cool 1.¬†Wasting our time When I am talking […]

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What Reviewers Look for in a Company

Date Wed, September 16 2009

I recently stopped over at BlogFriendlyPR which is a site which connects companies and review bloggers. I read an article by a PR professional about what companies look for in reviewers and I, like many, appreciated it. Of course, where would the world be without the articles’ counterpart? And here it is. Professorial Communication: Now, […]

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