Beautiful You Giveaway

Date Tue, November 13 2012

Welcome to the Beautiful You Extravaganza Huge Giveaway Event brought to you by The Consumer Adviser.  Win over $600 in quality skin & personal care products, cosmetics and even a gadget. Something for everyone! [spoiler title=”Click to see the giveaway prizes”] My obsession with lotions and potions took root at a very young age.  Throughout the years I’ve grown to appreciate that […]

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Saving Face

Date Sun, April 22 2012

Yesterday I was in Walgreens, smelling all the pretty things and just wasting some time. In the cosmetics section, they always have promo photos of the models and other famous people who are the current face of a brand. As I was looking at one picture, I though “Hmm, Katy Perry sure is more photoshopped […]

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BH Cosmetics

Date Thu, September 23 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of BH Cosmetics. All opinions are 100% mine. I’ve been wearing makeup more frequently these days. It makes me feel good about myself but it’s also a reminder than most of my makeup probably needs to be tossed and replaced. I know I’m not alone […]

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Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

Date Tue, July 28 2009

Right about the time that Maybelline released their Dream Liquid Mousse, I was on the hunt for a new foundation so I thought I’d give it a try. The commercials were all over the place, claiming that the finish looked “air brushed” and that is how Maybelline describes it on their site. I hadn’t used […]

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Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brush Set

Date Tue, July 21 2009

I’ve been meaning to do this review for a while. So long, in fact, that it appears Target is no longer selling the specific brush set I bought. However, they do have many more Sonia Kashuk items, including other (similar) brush sets. Sonia is, apparently, a makeup artist with a vision (or something like that) […]

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The Dangers of Shopping

Date Thu, February 12 2009

I’m almost out of foundation so I headed to Wal-mart to see what is on the market. I thought it was about time to try something new. I’ve been using a cream foundation by Revlon for years and while I like it, I thought I might like something else better. I didn’t count on just […]

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