Oz Natural Tinted Sunscreen

Date Wed, September 30 2015

It’s raining right now. That’s not surprising considering how humid and grey the morning was. In fact, the weather’s been mild and cloudy for a couple of weeks. That’s actually how much time I’ve had Oz Natural Tinted Sunscreen to review. The very day I got it seemed to be the last day of summer here […]

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Products I Just Shouldn’t Review

Date Wed, July 1 2015

Now, I don’t just mean that I am a terrible reviewer or something. I just mean that I’m not so good at reviewing things if I can’t form strong opinions — either for or against — about a product. And some types of products just leave me feeling lukewarm by default. What do I mean? For […]

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Natural Oils By Radha Beauty

Date Fri, April 10 2015

I was sent two products from Radha Beauty to review: a bottle of fractioned coconut oil and a bottle of pure argan oil. I’ve been increasingly hearing good things about coconut oil, and a friend even just recently posted on Facebook about how much she likes using argan oil for her hair! So the oils […]

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Beauty Box 5

Date Tue, January 14 2014

I never understood the appeal of all those subscrpition boxes before trying this, but now I think I do. You see, it’s so nice to get things in a sample size and try them on. If you don’t like them, pass them on. If you love them, buy some more! What you pay for a […]

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Mia Mariu Cosmetics

Date Thu, September 20 2012

Let’s call this week the week where I review products from companies I’d never heard of until now. Today, it’s Mia Mariu, a brand of botanical cosmetics. I received some moisturizer, a makeup brush and loose shadows, among other samples. I was excited for the shadows specifically, because they came in pink and brown. My […]

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Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm

Date Sun, July 15 2012

Remember when I blogged about hunting for BB cream and I worried about getting a fake? Well, here’s that review. In fact ,it’s been exactly two months since I ordered the product, and it was expected to arrive here just a few weeks ago. It took only a week or so to arrive at my […]

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Celtic Complexion

Date Wed, December 7 2011

Celtic Complexion is a company that focuses on natural solutions for sensitive skin and rosacea issues. Although my skin is not particularly sensitive, I am always looking for the best solution for my skin so when I had the opportunity to work with the company, I jumped on it. One of the things I like […]

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