Infusion Green Tea Eye Make-up Remover

Date Sat, December 5 2009

Along with the nourishing lip butter, I received a bottle of Green Tea Make-up Remover from Infusion for winning a giveaway. The 2oz bottle is plain with a white sticker/label. Although clean lines, it looks a bit amateurish. Through the bottle, you can see the make up remover which is a yellow liquid. The bottle […]

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Olay Deep Cleansing Face Wash

Date Wed, June 11 2008

Before this, I’d never used Olay. I knew many recommended the name, in general and when I was needing new face wash, I thought I’d check this out. Normally, I use cleansers meant to combat acne but since my skin had been clear for a while, I thought I’d branch out. I shouldn’t have. I […]

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