Buyer’s Remorse

Date Mon, December 28 2015

I guess sometimes the prospect of things is just more exciting than what you wind up with after the way is over. Take, for example, my recent order from Victoria’s Secret. I was excited to learn than the Secret Reward Card i’d earned from a purchase a few weeks back was worth $50. It’s enough […]

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Track Your Packages with Fedex Delivery Manager

Date Thu, April 16 2015

For months, or even longer!, I’ve been complaining that Fedex doesn’t have a tracking utility like UPS. As it turns out, I was wrong, but I had never heard of Fedex Delivery Manager. Perhaps it’s the name or they just don’t advertise it, but it went unbeknownst to me. FedEx Delivery Manger works similar to the […]

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My UPS: A Must when Shopping Online

Date Wed, December 10 2014

Now, this might come across as a sponsored post, but trust me when I say it’s not. Since I’ve moved into a locked building without buzzers, getting packages delivered has been hell. In fact, I’ve written a little poem about it. Our local UPS seems to have an extremely high turnover rate. For over a […]

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DX Mall — Shopping Advice and Product Reviews

Date Mon, July 21 2014

Because DX Mall carries so many items in so many departments, it can feel overwhelming to me. It’s not the type of site I’d go just to browse. It’s good to have an idea of something you want. For example, I realized they carried robotic vacuums so I spent a bunch of time comparing models. […]

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Store Shipping Shouldn’t Take Two Weeks

Date Wed, July 31 2013

Hot on the tails of my old shoes and insoles dying comes a post about my new shoes, sort of. Rather, I’m going to tell you about the ridiculous process that it required for me to get those shoes. I decided to buy a pair from Payless, which was having its BOGOf sale. I found […]

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