7 Awesome Geeky Gifts on Clearance

Date Wed, September 25 2013

Time is running out for you to get your hands on these awesome items from ThinkGeek, Amazon and other stores. The store’s clearance section is chock full of stuff I wish I could buy for myself. Maybe you’ll buy it for me, eh? No? Well, a girl can try. Regardless, everyone should be buying the […]

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Because I’m a Fangirl

Date Mon, March 14 2011

It’s been soo long since I’ve posted a material Monday post, eh? I guess I forgot all about the theme in the process of moving and we know I’ve been neglecting this blog. But, not today! Because, today, I cannot help but want to buy-buy-buy and my recent round of Internet shopping has focused on […]

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Date Tue, September 22 2009

I recently purchased a few shirts for myself online and knew I’d head to ThinkGeek.com. ThinkGeek is something of a marketplace for multiple vendors featuring different products that cater to the geeky crowd. The products are separated into categories such as T-shirts, Home & Office, Gadgets and Computer stuff. The T-shirts are all screen printed […]

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