A Whole Lot Of Water

Date Tue, October 18 2011

When I was younger, we never had anything more than a kiddie pool so we didn’t need pool supplies. If we wanted to cool off for the day, we went to the public pool but even that wasn’t a frequent occurrence when we lived out in the country. So when we did head to the pool, it was a pretty exciting experience. I remember we usually went with one of my aunts and her then-husband. We usually went to the pool that my mother now lives by and I remember spending time in the shallow, kiddie pool that featured some sort of a dolphin status in the center.  I would occasionally visit a few pools over the years but I’ve never been a huge fan of swimming.

Coming from the North, I certainly spent less time in the sparkling waters of a pool that’s freshly cleaned with pool filters but it was an entirely different issue when I lived in Texas. Every complex had its own pool — I’m sure some had several — so it was easy to access a pool all day long. Ironically, I never stepped foot into the pool in my apartment complex because I’d just become so accustomed to not using a pool.

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