All good things must come to an end

Date Mon, February 16 2009

Actually, it may be more accurate to say “anything I really like comes to an end.” Perfumes, foods, candles, face wash – you name it, if I am a fan, it ceases to exist. This seems to be the case with the Ham and Cheddar sub sandwich from Deli Creations which I previously reviewed and loved. Oscar Mayer seems to have given their Deli Creations line a face lift which involves some new flavours as well as much smaller packages. I have yet to decide if the contents within the packages are smaller themselves but my mind wants to think they are, at least.

Not being able to find the Oven Roasted Ham and Cheddar which I so love, led me to try the Turkey and Dijon Cheddar which is basically the same sandwich, except with turkey. I could write a review but the only significant change is that turkey is much more bland in taste and the overall sandwich is not as awesome. I did try another flavour of ham sandwich but I don’t recall what it was and it’s not memorable enough to replace my favourite.

I cannot help but ask “Why do you do this to me world?” Why is it, that when I love something, the world takes it away? d=

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