Date Sat, December 27 2008

I wonder how you all feel about alternative medicines? Now, I’m not talking about holistic healers who will ring a gong in your face, rather the types of healing that seem to have evidence in support of their effectiveness. I definitely find things like Acupuncture to be interesting and I would have some done, if I had the chance. I’m not as convinced by some of the homeopathic herbal remedies but I do think their are natural supplements which can really do the body good. I can’t name even as many alternative therapies as I have fingers, but I know there exists a vast array. I think most of these alternative takes on health really can go hand in hand with modern scientific medicine.

One of the positive of modern medicine is that it is ever evolving. As we know more about the body, we can better pinpoint the issue and attempt to deal with it. Unlike some of the natural remedies which don’t seem to look at the actual cause of an issue and have no strong foundation (why does this work, again?), science is tried and true.

And it’s because of science that people like Dr. Amen are able to develop new methods for scanning the brain like SPECT. Analyzing the brain is especially important when it comes to a number of conditions like anxiety, depression and anger issues and Dr. Amen thinks it’s vital to look at the bairn before trying to treat brain related symptoms. He has spearheaded a project known as The Amen Clinics which help to improve overall quality of life. Interestingly enough, sometimes the recommend solution is medication and other times, it’s a more alternative form of healing like meditation.

I think technology like this is really important when it comes to better understand neuroscience and it’s a pretty interesting topic to check out.

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