If You Build It..

Date Thu, February 20 2014

I’m not in the position to really consider building or remodeling a home, but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t designed a home in my mind or that I don’t frequently talk to my friends about their own homes. I discuss floor plans, flooring, cabinetry and decor. I should have been an architect. In fact, I had planned on it for a short while. I wanted to take CAD so I took the prerequisite classes, tech ed classes. But 13 year-old me couldn’t hadn’t the teenaged boys so I only took one class, dropped the other and said “Good bye” to architecture for life.

I digress, however. I really like the idea of shopping, which is why I stumble across websites such as BuildDirect. They’re a company that homeowners and builders can consider when it comes to building and remodeling. If this applies to you, check out BuildDirect reviews online before forking over your hard-earned money. I can just imagine going through the free samples, comparing swatches and pitching out hot tubs and patio furniture to my heart’s delight.  I would finally put all those hours of watching House Hunters, which is completely fake by the way, to good use.

Here’s some things I know I would have:

  • My dream bathroom would have a pedestal sink.
  • I need some sort of outdoor fire area.
  • None of my floors would have “patterns.” I’d probably go with stone.
  • Custom faucets, light fixtures and knobs are a must. I want one of those tall kitchen faucets that is also a sprayer.
  • Shutters are a must — even if they;re only decorative.
  • Indoor window treatments will likely include wood slatted blinds.
  • Outlets with USB ports!
  • Contemporary wainscoting on walls of common rooms and hallways. This also paves the way for dual colors on walls.

So what about you. Have you designed your own home? What would you add if you do?

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